About the Author

Barry Robbins is a retired CPA with a keen interest in things having nothing to do with accounting. He received degrees (BS and MS) from the University of Pennsylvania quite some time ago. He spent 26 years working for a large international accounting firm. Then he quit. He, his then Finnish wife (still Finnish, but now the ex), and their two beautiful daughters (still beautiful) moved to Helsinki, Finland. He now spends much of his time living in Florida, struggling to adapt to life in what often seems like a foreign country. 

The years spent in Europe allow him to see the U.S. through different eyes —from both the inside and the outside. This, plus his experience as a freelance ghostwriter of book reports for lazy third graders, makes him uniquely qualified to serve as Chronicler-in-Chief of the Oh Daddy Chronicles.


About the ODC

The Oh Daddy Chronicles is a contemporary political satire, born in the blandness of the coronavirus shutdown. Its main target is a guy named Trump, but anyone who comes near is fair game. The Chronicles takes current events and provides an explanation for what often seems unexplainable. In the words of one reviewer: "This is Saturday Night Live, in written form, on steroids."