Asher Syed

for Readers' Favorite

Oh Daddy Chronicles by Barry Robbins is a political satire that fictionalizes the inner workings of the White House and its 45th inhabitant, President Donald J. Trump. Robbins does not spare a single soul from his blistering humor and a no-holds-barred narrative, which is written almost entirely through dialogue. The stage is set with Trump already having fumbled through his first three years in office, rooted on by an adoring staff and family, as the Coronavirus—which Trump has referred to as the “beer virus”—elbows its way to a center stage that the President desires only for himself.

His idiocy on absolutely every problem presented, combined with an obsession with therapeutics proven dangerous, his ball-swinging thingy, phone calls deemed perfect in his own mind, and a whole host of other muddy situations are on full display as he waddles through his last first-term year with all the panache of an 11th-century phenomenon known as the dog-duck.

At a time when there is very little to laugh about, Barry Robbins truly lifts a reader's spirits with Oh Daddy Chronicles. I loved the portrayals of those who surround and enable him as they scramble to make Trump's lunacy appear, at the very least, moderately coherent as they continually throw ideas at a wall hoping one will stick. My favorite involves Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey who is essentially in a virtual game of dodgeball as calls are rerouted to avoid speaking with the President, ultimately putting him through to a basement sanitation worker. I think where this book rises above similar I have read along the same lines is that, at least in my own mind, it feels like a reader-friendly play script. The closest correlation I can make is to the play Spamalot, which drips with the same satire and silliness as the Oh Daddy Chronicles. As for its literary merit, Robbins has a strong, clear voice that transfers to each character and event. This is a light-hearted and witty book that will likely find an eager audience.