Brooke Garratt

for Reedsy Discovery

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“This is comedic genius, a great humorous reflection on the seriously awful situation of american politics currently. If you are in favour of mr orange cheeto being in power then PLEASE do not read this or you will not enjoy it, you have been warned. For those of us who think the man is an imbecile, it is in fact a fabulous read.

The whole book feels like a skit, with different episodes on things that have occurred due to Trump and his absurd beliefs and reactions to situations. Every episode of the book is overly done for comedic affect and not factually correct but they are all reimaginings of things that did actually happen and through my laughing I did find myself very put out knowing that these things are true in basic terms and the people he has affected with what he has said.

I loved the inclusion of side characters such as Melania Trump and seeing how they were brought into the novel and used as great and funny plot devices.

My favourite 'episode' had to be the feud against TIK TOK. As it didn't happen so long ago it's so funny remembering it and seeing how the president of the united states basically was in a war with the K-POP fandom and tried to ban a huge app because he was having a hissy fit.

This book is great for getting a basic understanding for some of the things this fool has done whilst giving you a good laugh but I think it may be best to read when he is no longer in power and capable of doing such damage (not long now) as otherwise it is a little scary to know that a man who does these things is still in a situation where he can.”