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The book

Who am I?   A 66 year-old retired accountant, living in Florida and Finland, with a low threshold for outrage, decent writing skills, and a warped sense of humor.

What is Oh Daddy Chronicles?   A political satire brutally lampooning Donald Trump.

What's the book like?   It's 46 short, easy-to-read, skit-like episodes that reads like Saturday Night Live.  224 pages.

Why did I write it?   I just got tired of being infuriated hearing of Trump's outrageous behavior and decided to channel that anger and frustration into a more healthy emotion - laughter.

Are there book reviews?   Yes.  You can listen to some of the audio clips below or head over to the Reviews section.

Should you buy the book?   My biased opinion, of course, is yes, but the decision clearly is yours.  I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Where can you buy it?   There's an Amazon link below and a link to buy it from this website.

Reviews Audio Clips

Asher Syed
Megan Bolland
Anthony Avina
Jailyn Fierro

My favorite

Lex Allen
Brooke Garratt
Renee Guill

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