Jailyn Fierro

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"I have to be honest, I thought that--even if I actually found this satire funny--there was no way I
would actually laugh out loud; it rarely ever happens. I stand corrected, this actually made me
laugh, out loud. The first few lines include a reference to one of Trump's distasteful comments
about “grabbing them” by the you-know-what, and right in that moment I knew this wasn’t going
to hide from the ugly truth.

Oh Daddy Chronicles is a political satire based on the current events of the United States; it is
funny and tragic. As one reads the absurdity and nonsense between Trump and others that come
to the White House, one can’t help but feel embarrassed and ashamed at the reality of it. Sure, as
a satire it is overly exaggerated--but I found myself questioning, how far is this really from the
truth? That is the tragic part. One of my favorite scenes is one in which it discusses the origins of
the coronavirus in the United States, and there is a conversation between Trump and Sean
Conley--his physician--where they discuss what would happen if Trump were to become
infected. The scene is comical in that Conley is portrayed with heavy Scottish characteristics
such as carrying around bagpipes when meeting with Trump--not to mention the use of Scottish
dialect with words like bonnie and lass with the mention that Trump would essentially die given
his age and health.

This was a very fun read overall and would recommend to anyone who obviously has great
objections with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named who is unfortunately head of the United States. If
you stay up to date on politics, I think you would enjoy this very much. Another favorite
“episode” is one that discussed the TikTok ban which explores the working of the K-POP
fandom working against Trump--a very fun memory to reminisce. Essentially, the writing style
was the shining star--it felt like I was watching an SNL skit--every episode is well thought out
and even to the end of the epilogue Barry Robbins delivers with humor."