The Episodes

Ep. I - An Interview With Merrick Garland

The Chronicler-in-Chief sits down with Attorney General Merrick Garland for an overview of the legal troubles facing Donald Trump.     


Ep. II - Unfinished Business

Donald stands trial for his infamous phone call to Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger. What will be his excuse? Something to do with Schubert?


Ep. III - Haggis

Donald stands trial for his violation of the Domestic Emoluments Clause regarding the Trump Turnberry Resort in Scotland. It all comes down to the National Dish of Scotland. 


Ep. IV - Kiss Me, Kate

It’s Ivanka’s turn. Are you really surprised that a kissing booth is involved? How about Andrew Cuomo?

Ivanka caricature.jpg

Ep. V - Which Witch

Abbott and Costello’s famous “Who’s on First” skit meets up with little Bartholomew Trump and the Salem Witch Trials.


Ep. VI - Not Me, Your Honor

On the witness stand, Donald admits he sent the mob to the Capitol Building. But why? And who doesn’t like ethnic restaurants?

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Ep. VII - Bingo

A huge explosion at Mar-a-Lago. An even bigger insurance claim. All this over a little game of bingo. The judge’s reaction?


Ep. VIII - The Play's the Thing

Barron Trump lands the leading role in his school play – an adaptation of The Trial of Socrates, called The Trial of Dumpcrates. Was the guilty verdict rigged?


Ep. IX - A Perfect Plan

Is that Dr. Rochelle Walensky hanging out with ex-Mossad agents? And, please, can someone decide whether it’s Kiev or Kyiv?


Ep. X - Color Me Red

It’s Melania’s turn – and Ralph Lauren passes judgment. Ho ho ho. Merry Christmas.


Ep. XI - The Flip

Donald appears to be getting off Scot-free from charges of tax and insurance fraud in New York. Until a surprise witness takes the stand, that is.

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Ep. XII - Hop To It

Stormy Daniels, marsupials, and freshly scented grass. This sounds interesting.


Ep. XIII - Shreds of Evidence

Why does Donald rip up papers? Does he own a confetti factory? Or is it a rare neurological disorder? We hear from expert witness, Dr. Bernhardt Schultz.

rip up documents.jfif

Ep. XIV - The Gazpacho Papers (Part 1)

What’s in those 15 boxes of documents at Mar-a-Lago that Donald wants to keep private? Looks like a bunch of letters, including one from Pope Francis. Listen in as they’re read out loud.

pope francis.jfif

Ep. XV - The Gazpacho Papers (Part 2)

But why are those boxes at Mar-a-Lago in the first place? And why are they called the “Gazpacho Papers?” Unlike gazpacho, this trail runs hot.


Ep. XVI - Waiter, My Soup Is Cold

It’s evening entertainment time at Mar-a-Lago. And the winners get to join Ivanka at the kissing booth.


Ep. XVII - Certifiable

Rudy shows up – and he pleads guilty! We get the definitive explanation of why the Fake Electors Plot failed.


Ep. XVIII - The January 6 Committee

Donald testifies before the January 6 Committee…if the Chairman can control his unruly boys, that is (Kinzinger and Raskin). How can one blame this one on bone spurs?


Ep. XIX - J'Accuse!

A modern-day take on the Dreyfus Affair. But who will play the role of journalist Emile Zola?


Ep. XX - Patty Hearst

The Republican Party goes on trial. Will they blame things on the Symbionese Liberation Army?

patty hearst.jpg

Ep. XXI - Judge Judy (Part 1)

Donald goes on trial for obstruction of justice in Judge Judy’s courtroom. Just guess who the boss is.

judge judy.jfif

Ep. XXII - Judge Judy (Part 2)

After record-breaking ratings from part 1, the show returns for its cliffhanger conclusion.

judge judy.jfif

Ep. XXIII - I'll Take the Cat

Melania sits down with Donald. Ivanka sits down with Jared. That’s all I’m saying.


Ep. XXIV - Sheikh Yerbouti


Say the episode name three times – fast. That’s all you need to know.


Ep. XXV - Perchance to Dream

Donald has trouble sleeping. Melania gives him an old country potion. He sleeps…and he dreams.


Ep. XXVI - The Hague

This city in the western Netherlands is home to the International Criminal Court. They’ve arranged for Donald to visit them.


Ep. XXVII - Denouement

No peeking.

hide and seek.jfif


In which the post-trial lives of many of our characters are revealed. 

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