Lex Allen

for Readers' Favorite

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"The Oh Daddy Chronicles by Barry Robbins is described as “a contemporary political satire” that “takes current events and explains what we thought was unexplainable.” The book, however, thrusts much deeper into the heart of satire and, in reality, is a total lampooning of President Donald J. Trump, the Trump family, and those who back and enable them. Perhaps we have in author Barry Robbins a new and more direct version of Douglas C. Kenney, cofounder of the National Lampoon magazine and the National Lampoon Radio Hour, or even the great writers who collaborated to produce the famous and hilarious British movie, The Life of Brian. Regardless of comparisons, Barry Robbins has written a satirical look into a man who will surely be remembered in history as the absolute worst American president... by far (as he himself often claims)!

The Oh Daddy Chronicles has no plot, per se. It isn’t set up in the three-act format used in stories or novels. Instead, it’s a series of episodes that describe visits and conversations by a variety of people in Trump’s circle of family, friends, and subservient employees/government officials. Readers who have “followed” Trump through love or hate (there seems to be no middle ground with him) will recognize many of the scenes and characters as depicted all across television and social media. At the very least, Trump’s inability to talk in complete sentences, misuse of word definitions, and his psychologically impaired mind is proof positive of the verisimilitude that forms the foundation for this satirical look at “Forty-Five.” I thought some episodes a bit over the top, the inanity far beyond imbecilic, until I realized that the scenes were perfectly aligned with the reality of the man and the situations. For me... no fan of Trump, the book was a refreshing laugh a minute read that helped me overcome my overwhelming desire to strangle the man or throw a vase through the television every time he appeared. This is Saturday Night Live, in written form, on steroids."