Lucinda Clarke

for Readers' Favorite

"The Oh Daddy Chronicles by Barry Robbins is a satirical account of modern-day politics in America. It’s a series of short skits, each tackling a different aspect of the day-to-day running in the White House. Famous people are thinly disguised, or not disguised at all, and lampooned for various reported actions, many of which have hit the headlines around the world. The main character is described as narcissistic, insensitive, and with a below room temperature IQ. He has huge problems with words, zero understanding of the world, and is shown to be totally unsuitable to run as much as a hot dog stand. Various other characters come into play, the Fed Ex deliveryman, the various ministers, the Press Secretary, and several of those who once worked in the west wing, but whose services are no longer required.

In the Oh Daddy Chronicles by Barry Robbins, we meet the leader of the free world in a less than favorable light. The author satirizes every aspect of the bizarre and often unexplained behavior of the current incumbent in the White House. This could be described as a Marmite book; you will either love it or hate it. In many places it sounds very funny, in others, I was puzzled. It would make complete sense to readers who are familiar with all the various ministerial officials, some of whom I did not know, so I lost some of the humor. I guess the man famous for his tomato sauce, or the Chinese who runs the local take away are caricatures of the current president’s love of fast food. No stone is left unturned in highlighting his extraordinary behavior and proclamations.

Whichever party you vote for, I dare you not to laugh at some of the situations and inane observations. The funniest part for me was the vain attempts to contact the head of Twitter; that was satire at its best. Nepotistic members of the family do not escape the author’s eagle eye as we meet some rather bizarre relations along with real people who have often appeared in the news. It’s refreshing to read a book that ignores political correctness and has the ability to poke fun at important figures and lesser statesmen."