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Creative, Hilarious, and Highly Entertaining


"Oh Daddy Chronicles is a hilarious political satire by the very talented Barry Robbins. This book takes Donald Trump as its main target with special appearances of Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung Un, Melania Trump, and many more political figures. I really enjoyed this book and everyone should pick this up if they are in need of a laugh.


The book is laid out like small episodes, which made the book practically impossible to put down! As soon as one skit was finished - I was eager to read the next, and the next, and before you know it you have finished and are yearning for more. Each episode takes on a different issue regarding Trump such as ventilators, relationship with Melania, TikTok, Twitter, and much more.


Although this book is hilarious, Robbins definitely makes some serious political points that are masked by satire. This is especially apparent regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and Trump’s terrible approach is shown through humor.


Also, I appreciated the educational notes added throughout, these are just brief notes that clarified information that not everyone is instantly familiar with. It allows the reader to appreciate the jokes more and fully understand the skit. For example, there is an ‘educational interjection’ regarding a skit about Trump’s mistake over Melania’s birthplace, and it just states where she is from. It made the joke much funnier.


My favorite skit is called ‘Yes We’re Going to a Party, Party’, which is about Trump’s birthday. I loved reading about the gifts he got from each person e.g. receiving an annotated US constitution and then Trump’s insistence to move on quickly as well as ‘A Beginner’s Guide to English Words’- this made me chuckle! Additionally, I found the ‘TikTok’ skit very funny. Despite being quite short it is a great conversation between Trump and his son Barron.


Of course - this book has a bias against Trump, which might not go down too well with his supporters, but nonetheless, I’m sure everyone can have a giggle at the skits in this book.


Overall, I highly recommend this book to any comedy lover or anyone who keeps up with politics in the USA. It is creative and hilarious, and Barry Robbins has some risky jokes that certainly pay off to create his points and arguments against Trump’s actions. Despite being from the UK, I fully appreciate the humor about what is going on across the pond! So do not be put off if you are not American! All in all - this is a 5* read."