Renee Guill

for Readers' Favorite

"Oh Daddy Chronicles by Barry Robbins is a political satire that reads like a TV show. Similar to a Saturday Night Live episode, it makes fun of everyone, especially President Trump. It gives answers to questions, like why the president wanted to use hydroxychloroquine and what happened with the Bible incident. It is pretty one-sided. You meet characters like Melania, the first lady, Ivanka Trump, President Putin, Andrew Cuomo and other political people that work for the president.

I thought that Oh Daddy by Barry Robbins was hilarious! I could not stop laughing. I should warn you, some of the language might be offensive to some people. Also, depending on what side you are on, you might not enjoy the humor. I loved the style of the writing, even getting the first lady’s accent. I thought it was hard to choose just one favorite episode, so I will list my top three favorites. I loved the Who’s On First episode; it is based on the Abbott and Costello Who’s On First skit. I also loved the Quark one, especially the Star Trek part. And the one about the villages in Florida. I thought the world-building was pretty well done, especially the Jared Kushner painting. I thought it was a unique and fun way to learn the behind the scenes of the White House. If you need a good laugh and follow politics, then I would definitely recommend this book. You may not want to read in public, as you will be laughing out loud, a lot."