The Episodes

Episode I - Fly on the Wall

In which Ivanka wishes to participate in the coronavirus response.       

Episode II - The Signing

In which Ivanka helps with the stimulus checks.

Episode III - The Spreadsheet

In which Ivanka comes across an uncomfortable truth.

Episode IV - Chip off the Old Block

In which Don Jr. and the President congratulate each other.

Episode V - To Test or not to Test

In which Ivanka expresses concern for her father.

Episode VI - Who was that Masked Man

In which Melania explains face masks and viruses to the President.

Episode VII - Right on Cue - #2

In which the President and Vice President chat about this and that.

Episode VIII - Here Come Da Fauch

In which Dr. Anthony Fauci gives the President a science update.

Episode IX - A Second Opinion

In which Dr. Deborah Birx throws in her two cents.

Episode X - Origins

In which the origin of the coronavirus is revealed and the President gets alarmed.

Episode XI - Hydroxy and Me

In which Dr. Sean Conley holds a press conference.

Episode XII - Uncle Slobodan

In which Melania's Uncle Slobodan pays a visit.

Episode XIII - Intelligence?

In which the President and Secretary Pompeo have a play date.

Episode XIV - A Perfect Call

In which the President has trouble comprehending.

Episode XV - From Russia With Love

In which Vladimir asks for advice.

Episode XVI - There Go Da Fauch

In which Dr. Anthony Fauci's services are no longer required.

Episode XVII - The Long Tentacles of Q

In which the President calls in his fixer.

Episode XVIII - Das Letter

In which the President receives some unexpected correspondence.

Episode XIX - Amazing Quark

In which the search for the meaning of quark seems endless.

Episode XX - Twit-in-Chief

In which the President has an encounter with a switchboard.

Episode XXI - Dorsey vs. Twump

In which Jack Dorsey and the President engage in a battle of wits.

Episode XXII - Beans, Balls, and Bibles

In which the true story of the Bible and the bunker is revealed.

Episode XXIII - Billy Bob and Bobbie Sue

In which y'all attend a rally.

Episode XXIV - Yes We're Going to a

Party, Party


In which the President has a birthday party.

Episode XXV - Moniker Mayhem

In which the President commissions a commission.

Episode XXVI - Riddle Me This, Batman

In which the President sits for an examination.

Episode XXVII - Sikh and Ye Shall Find

In which Nikki Haley makes a request.

Episode XXVIII - I am Bolton

In which John Bolton spills the beans.

Episode XXIX - Tit for Tat

In which the President gets pissed off at Vladimir.

Episode XXX - Book Worm

In which the President has too much to read.

Episode XXXI - Damn Yankees

In which the President is feeling sporty.

Episode XXXII - Donald and the Beanstalk

In which a business deal has a surprise ending.

Episode XXXIII - Sverige

In which the President has a new adviser.

Episode XXXIV - Between the Slices

In which cheese holds the key to a business empire.

Episode XXXV - Cast in Stone

In which the President faces a hard problem.

Episode XXXVI - Neither Snow Nor Rain

In which the President inspects the new recruits.

Episode XXXVII - Pass the Fruitcake

In which the President hires a new doc.

Episode XXXVIII - TikTok

In which father and son have a little chat.

Episode XXXIX - Pillow Talk

In which the President offers some business advice.

Episode XL - The Interview

In which the Chronicler-in-Chief makes his appearance.

Episode XLI - I Lost My Cupcake

In which the President says a tearful goodbye.

Episode XLII - Acceptance Speech

In which Donald Trump accepts the nomination of his party for President of the United States.

Episode XLIII - NATO

In which the President tries to show off.

Episode XLIV - The Meeting

In which the President is not impressed with Gov. Cuomo's culinary skills.

Episode XLV - The Meeting Ends

In which the President reads a fortune cookie.

Episode XLVI - All Recovered

In which the President gets a surprise.


In which the post-pandemic lives of many of our characters are revealed and the Chronicles are brought to an end.

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