Anthony Avina

"What a creative and fun way of looking into the madness that was the Trump Administration."

"The author writes with a voice that perfectly balances the humor and wit that many come to expect from a political satire, while the dialogue and imagery used throughout the narrative do a fantastic job of painting a vivid image in the reader's mind as each scenario plays out."

"In this time of chaos, this is a perfect read. Humorous, enlightening, and mature, author Barry Robbins “Oh Daddy Chronicles” is the political satire many readers need and won’t be able to put down."

Lex Allen, for Readers' Favorite


"Perhaps we have in author Barry Robbins a new and more direct version of Douglas C. Kenney, cofounder of the National Lampoon magazine and the National Lampoon Radio Hour, or even the great writers who collaborated to produce the famous and hilarious British movie, The Life of Brian."

"The book was a refreshing laugh a minute read that helped me overcome my overwhelming desire to strangle the man or throw a vase through the television every time he appeared. This is Saturday Night Live, in written form, on steroids!"

Asher Syed, for Readers' Favorite

"Robbins does not spare a single soul from his blistering humor and a no-holds-barred narrative, which is written almost entirely through dialogue."

"At a time when there is very little to laugh about, Barry Robbins truly lifts a reader's spirits with Oh Daddy Chronicles."

"I think where this book rises above similar I have read along the same lines is that, at least in my own mind, it feels like a reader-friendly play script. The closest correlation I can make is to the play Spamalot, which drips with the same satire and silliness as the Oh Daddy Chronicles."

Megan Bolland, from the UK

"Oh Daddy Chronicles is a hilarious political satire by the very talented Barry Robbins."

"The book is laid out like small episodes, which made the book practically impossible to put down! As soon as one skit was finished - I was eager to read the next, and the next, and before you know it you have finished and are yearning for more."

"Despite being from the UK, I fully appreciate the humor about what is going on across the pond! So do not be put off if you are not American! All in all - this is a 5* read."

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